Node JS Development

Design with scalability in mind

You are one step away from creating the getting the top Nodejs application that is lightweight and scalable. The single-threaded JavaScript runtime used in Nodejs avoids context switching and offers seamless network applications.

Naxtre is loaded with dedicated and certified Node JS developers to design applications needed for client’s diversified business objectives. We address all types of Node JS consultation service to improve enterprise needs and leverage multiple frameworks including Express JS, Mojito along with JavaScript, REST API. jQuery etc. Our NodeJS development services can be harnessed to create secure and efficient API’s for Mobile Apps and Web portal for your Business.

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Features of NodeJS

We take pride in building top-notch apps that help you to become market leaders using this backend technology. This open-source, cross-platform runtime environment generates enhanced features allowing us to develop quick real-time, networked, flexible, high traffic driven, and mobile apps.

  • Extremely fast
  • Highly Scalable
  • Well-suited for distributed systems
  • Non existent buffering while processing media
  • Asynchronous and event-driven
  • Event-driven architecture
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Why Node Js Development

Node JS is the right option for your enterprise web and Mobile Application Development. Quick content execution and easy server access are the appealing features that attract you to go for the Node Js development services.

  • Server Interactions
  • Content Execution
  • Input/Output Model
  • Easy Scalability
  • Highly Extensible
  • Active Community
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Node Js Development Services

NodeJS Solutions

Custom App Development

NodeJS is a robust JavaScript-based and event-driven server

that works on multiple platforms. After gathering all your requirements, we come up with a perfect solution tailored to your needs.

API Integration & Development

Our node.js development company is equipped with a

highly-skilled development team that can precisely fulfill your API requirements by creating a secure NodeJS API that will also function with other systems.

Node Js App Migration

You can migrate your existing backend system to

NodeJS.They provide complete assistance in moving your application data, and configuration while ensuring that all the functionality is working perfectly.

Ecommerce App Development

Our highly talented NodeJS developers know how to

create amazing eCommerce applications by using this innovative technology. At the end you get a highly secure and reliable app.

NodeJS Plugin Development

There are various plugins that can optimize the

website and boost its performance. We will develop high-quality Node.js plugins that can offer superior website user experience to the visitors.

NodeJS Consultation

We have a team of NodeJS developers who

will evaluate your business needs and offer superior Node.JS consultation services as what your business needs and how Node.JS technology can help you out.

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